Several Chinese community members met with government representatives on 23 July, calling for a racism-free New Zealand, at Christchurch Rewi Alley Chinese School, the largest of its kind in the South Island. The recent “Racism is no joke” campaign has attracted big attention and provoked a great response from NewContinue Reading

The Human Rights Commission is urging people in Aotearoa New Zealand to ‘give no voice to racism’ as it launches a new campaign featuring celebrated film maker Taika Waititi. Based on real-life experiences of racism in this country, the campaign aims to raise awareness of racist behaviour and the harm caused to those on the receiving end of it. ToContinue Reading

New Zealand Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon has launched the “Racism is No Joke” campaign to raise awareness of racism against Chinese and other Asian New Zealanders. “Since COVID-19, we’ve seen an increase in racism against Chinese and other Asian New Zealanders…This campaign will address online racism that often manifestsContinue Reading

By Li Huizi   New Zealand’s medical system could handle the COVID-19 pandemic as the country is heading into a colder winter with increasing influenza risks, a New Zealand infection expert said. “New Zealand is heading into winter. The big worry is the influenza season,” said David Murdoch, dean ofContinue Reading

By Loren Heaphy   Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the millions of residents in the city of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province – one of the most severely affected cities by COVID-19 – as they leave lockdown. We are encouraged by this good news here in Christchurch,Continue Reading

By Michelle MacWilliam   With the current crisis, the government and appropriate agencies have moved to get ahead of this pandemic, with support packages being introduced and unparalleled cautionary measures that have never before been invoked to protect New Zealand citizens.   However, in the world of the small toContinue Reading