Aloha! Cruising in Hawaii By Jim Davis Jim and Karen’s adventures have taken them to the far north of Europe and a winter Christmas in London. Finally, they get a much-needed dose of vitamin D in the sunnier climes of the Pacific Ocean while cruising in Hawaii.   Finally, we get some sunContinue Reading

Discovering culture and cuisine in France By Carolyn Marks Carolyn Marks explores France and discovers charming towns, historic architecture and some delicious cuisine along the way.    In September I visited northern France, the Dordogne and southern France. Some places I visited with friends and some I travelled to alone.Continue Reading

Rarotonga, the Unspoilt Paradise  By Clare Erasmus There are so many words to describe Rarotonga but the first three that come to mind are tranquillity, serenity and paradise. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Rarotonga a few times and I am constantly drawn back to the ambience and tranquillity itContinue Reading

The Writer’s Labyrinth By S.Kaye Judge   Writer’s Renewal It couldn’t have been more idyllic. A large red-brick, country cottage quietly tucked away on the edge of the woods of a countryside campus – blue sky–white clouds– moss green grass, and great graduate classmates who had become friends.  A writer’sContinue Reading

The 2019 International Mountain Tourism & Outdoor Sports Conference opened at October 29-30 in Xingyi, Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province (贵州省黔西南布依族苗族自治州兴义市) , bringing together over 1,200 guests from 56 countries and regions such as Russia, the U.S., the UK, Japan, South Korea and Thailand, to discuss theContinue Reading

Aerial photo taken on July 18, 2019 shows the scenery of Biancheng Township in Huayuan County, central China’s Hunan Province. In Chinese author Shen Congwen’s masterpiece “Border Town”, the simple rural life in Biancheng (Chadong) and Hongan townships are depicted through the tragic love story of a young woman Cuicui.Continue Reading