By Jason Marsden When most people think of Rolex they think serious luxury. Traditional designs that have become the very definition of aspirational watch style. Their iconic designs such as the Submariner are copied by many, so much so that they have almost become a parody of themselves. The popularityContinue Reading

Attention By Nephtalim Antoine   It is a well-known fact the military has influenced fashion for many years now and has become a close contributor to all facets of the fashion world ranging from colours, silhouette & shape and construction, but there are rather specific items that have directly comeContinue Reading

Rarotonga, the Unspoilt Paradise  By Clare Erasmus There are so many words to describe Rarotonga but the first three that come to mind are tranquillity, serenity and paradise. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Rarotonga a few times and I am constantly drawn back to the ambience and tranquillity itContinue Reading

The Writer’s Labyrinth By S.Kaye Judge   Writer’s Renewal It couldn’t have been more idyllic. A large red-brick, country cottage quietly tucked away on the edge of the woods of a countryside campus – blue sky–white clouds– moss green grass, and great graduate classmates who had become friends.  A writer’sContinue Reading

As Christmas is near, it’s time to set the record straight on some of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of employment law that apply to the festive season. We’ve made it easy for both employees or employers with a five-point quick guide. It is focused on minimum legal employment rights.Continue Reading

Financial Literacy By Clare Erasmus   Financial literacy is an extremely significant concept, and educational institutions worldwide are realising the importance of introducing this sooner rather than later. They are rapidly seeking ways to adapt their programs to include the teaching of financial literacy. The momentum for instituting financial literacyContinue Reading

Emoji use in the workplace is very common, but it can be tricky navigating across different generations. Research released today shows one in two people have used emojis in the wrong context, getting 17 per cent of them into trouble. Victoria University linguistics professor Miriam Meyerhoff says it turns outContinue Reading