Jason Marsden: Making the Hub Hornby multicultural By Li Huizi A special Moon Festival carnival event focusing on Chinse culture was held at The Hub Hornby on 12 September. Visitors experienced a fun and meaningful event featuring Chinese folk music, traditional lion dances, children’s performances, riddles, eating mooncakes, and luckyContinue Reading

Catherine Chu: Knocking on 8000 doors By Li Huizi When 23-year-old Authorised Financial Advisor, Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board Member and Council Candidate for Riccarton Catherine Chu knocked on the first door of her ward, she was quite scared because she did not know what sort of response she would get. AfterContinue Reading

Aaron Campbell: Water: Time’s Up By Li Huizi A community board member for Harewood since 2016, Aaron Campbell will be contesting the Christchurch West constituency for Environment Canterbury (ECan) in 2019 as an independent candidate. “Why am I running for ECan? In one word, Water,” Campbell told Palmary. He spokeContinue Reading

By Li Huizi Clare Erasmus, an author of children’s books, said there must be Chinese culture in her DNA. She has been passionate about Chinese culture since she was a very young girl, living in South Africa, where she spent much time with a Chinese family friend. The launch ofContinue Reading

By Nicholas Agar Wherever one looks – the media,political leaders’ rhetoric, or online discussions – one finds a bias toward bad ideals. This is not to suggest that we – or most of us – endorse, say, racism, misogyny or homophobia, but rather that we grant them efficacy. We believeContinue Reading