By Nephtalim Antoine   Just like any other industry in the world, tailoring has its superstars and celebrities, but I just work a little different than usual – You’ve got the tailors that are known for a certain cut or dressing celebrities and royalty or the tailors that innovated in theirContinue Reading

State of luxury By Nephtalim Antoine So everybody has made their new resolutions and have decided several things from diet and exercise all the way to get a new job or even find that special someone – but there is a special resolution and that has surfaced in my lifeContinue Reading

So bad – It’s good By Nephtalim Antoine   I have a confession…   I love side bags, THERE! I said it. Fanny packs, bum bags, side bags, whatever you want to call them can’t get enough. Recently just purchased one from Tommy Hilfiger and have no regrets! Then thereContinue Reading

A woman has been roasted online for a lengthy rant condemning other women who don’t get regular, pricey manicures. The woman posted a rant on Facebook, saying, “When a female doesn’t have her nails done it’s a pet peeve of mine”. “I’m sorry I just can’t live with my nailsContinue Reading