File photo of Brett Crozier, the fired commander of nuclear-powered U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. (Photo credit: America’s Navy) Secretary of Defense Mark Esper “believes the investigation to be thorough, fair,” and supports the Navy’s decisions based on the findings, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman tweets.   WASHINGTON, JuneContinue Reading

A man wearing a face mask sits in a tram at Manchester Victoria Railway Station in Manchester, Britain, on June 15, 2020. (Photo by Jon Super/Xinhua) Researchers have found that low-dose dexamethasone reduces death in hospitalized patients with severe respiratory complications of COVID-19. The Imperial College London also announced that aContinue Reading

By Li Huizi   New Zealand’s medical system could handle the COVID-19 pandemic as the country is heading into a colder winter with increasing influenza risks, a New Zealand infection expert said. “New Zealand is heading into winter. The big worry is the influenza season,” said David Murdoch, dean ofContinue Reading

近日,广州黄埔区、广州开发区海关特殊监管区域整合优化工作取得新进展,广州保税物流园区整合优化为广州黄埔综合保税区获国务院批复,对外开放优势将进一步凸显。据了解,广州黄埔综合保税区将充分叠加经开区、综合保税区的政策效应,重点发展物流分拨中心(汽车保税存储、文物回流)、跨境电商、融资租赁、文化艺术品保税展示等战略性新兴产业。(南方網) Recently, the integration and optimization of Guangzhou Bonded Logistics Park into Guangzhou Huangpu Comprehensive Bonded Zone was approved by the State Council, and the advantages of opening to the outside world will be further highlighted. The bonded zone will fully utilize the policy effects of the economic development zoneContinue Reading

为应对全球疫情冲击,中国出口产品转内销成为许多外贸企业的“自救”方法。记者从广东省商务厅获悉,广东出台20条举措加快发展流通促进商业消费。为拓展出口产品内销渠道,《措施》支持内外销产品一体化营销,鼓励零售企业直播带货、主要商圈可适当延长营业时间,加快推动内外销产品“同线同标同质”。(南方网) In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting domestic sale of export products has become a self-help method for many foreign trade companies. According to the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, Guangdong has introduced 20 measures to stimulate the consumer market and accelerate consumption. In orderContinue Reading