By Nephtalim Antoine   Just like any other industry in the world, tailoring has its superstars and celebrities, but I just work a little different than usual – You’ve got the tailors that are known for a certain cut or dressing celebrities and royalty or the tailors that innovated in theirContinue Reading

By Michelle MacWilliam   With the current crisis, the government and appropriate agencies have moved to get ahead of this pandemic, with support packages being introduced and unparalleled cautionary measures that have never before been invoked to protect New Zealand citizens.   However, in the world of the small toContinue Reading

So who wins – Spider-Man or Superman? Well, I’m afraid it’s a tie. Will a mask give you some protection, provided that you use it properly? Yes. But should you prioritise mask wearing ahead of other measures like social distancing and thorough hand washing? No.  By Bruce Wayne It’s after-workContinue Reading

By H.Naomi March   ANZAC Day, Saturday, 25 April, 2020 While we are protecting New Zealand from the invisible enemy of COVID-19 we cannot march in a Dawn Parade, or attend a Memorial Service this year – but we still remember all our Military Personal, including Nurses, who have diedContinue Reading

By Clare Erasmus   As the March 15th anniversary of the mosque attacks come to a close, our beautiful New Zealand now faces the COVID-19 pandemic that has thrown the world into a global crisis and an uncertain future.   Having grown up in South Africa in the 1980s, IContinue Reading

By Jason Wang   This narrative is in response to the Stuff Article written by Susan Edmunds, posted at 05:00 on 10 April 2020. This article is titled ‘New Zealanders ‘caught short after masks sent to China” I feel I need to address incorrect facts and implied xenophobia inContinue Reading

By Wang Zhijian   As Covid-19 further grips the US, some US officials have been trying to find a scapegoat, claiming China should be blamed for the spread of the coronavirus in their country. They even used the term of “Chinese Virus” or “Wuhan Virus” in contravention of the adviceContinue Reading