by Li Huizi Photo by Sammy Zhu   New Zealand’s Christchurch held a grand memorial ceremony on Saturday in memory of the 185 victims spanning more than 20 nationalities, including 23 Chinese students, in the 2011 earthquake. A 6.3-magnitude quake struck the city on Feb. 22, 2011. Then-Prime Minister JohnContinue Reading

Attention By Nephtalim Antoine   It is a well-known fact the military has influenced fashion for many years now and has become a close contributor to all facets of the fashion world ranging from colours, silhouette & shape and construction, but there are rather specific items that have directly comeContinue Reading

New Zealand’s real challenge with China By Stephen Jacobi Departing Executive Director Stephen Jacobi shares some final thoughts about the future of the relationship.   No one can predict exactly what’s ahead for New Zealand’s relationship with China, but one thing is clear. For the foreseeable future at least, China willContinue Reading

CONVERSATION CORNER Memories of Christchurch  By H. Naomi March, M.A.   Memories Memories have an important place in our lives – they hold the stories of who we are, where we came from, where we have been, and even where we want to go. Some of these memories are codedContinue Reading

Budget Hits- Cheap Watches with Street Cred. By Jason Marsden   Whilst watch enthusiasts can appreciate high priced pieces there are also some budget watches that are widely considered to have credibility and respect in the watch community. In the past I have written about my love of Seiko (especiallyContinue Reading

Discovering culture and cuisine in France By Carolyn Marks Carolyn Marks explores France and discovers charming towns, historic architecture and some delicious cuisine along the way.    In September I visited northern France, the Dordogne and southern France. Some places I visited with friends and some I travelled to alone.Continue Reading

Rarotonga, the Unspoilt Paradise  By Clare Erasmus There are so many words to describe Rarotonga but the first three that come to mind are tranquillity, serenity and paradise. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Rarotonga a few times and I am constantly drawn back to the ambience and tranquillity itContinue Reading