Emoji use in the workplace is very common, but it can be tricky navigating across different generations. Research released today shows one in two people have used emojis in the wrong context, getting 17 per cent of them into trouble. Victoria University linguistics professor Miriam Meyerhoff says it turns outContinue Reading

We’ve hymns with a Welsh theme this week, including William Williams’ stirring hymn Guide me, O thou great Redeemer. Symbolic Welsh flower, the daffodil Photo: CC by SA / PatMcD SONG: I WILL SING THE WONDROUS STORY Artist: St Michael’s Singers, Coventry, Paul Leddington Wright (dir)Words/Music: Rowley/PrichardRecording: Integrity 2011 I will sing theContinue Reading

Sarah Robson, Social Issues Reporter@rarahsobsonsarah.robson@rnz.co.nz More than 100 children in Oranga Tamariki care were harmed in the three months to March – and three-quarters of them were Māori. There were 154 findings of harm involving 103 children in the latest Safety of Children in Care report. Photo: 123RF The Ministry for Children hasContinue Reading

Laura Dooney, Reporter@ljdooneylaura.dooney@rnz.co.nz Young netball players up and down New Zealand got up well before their alarms yesterday morning to see the Silver Ferns win their first World Cup in 16 years. Upper Hutt College netball players Grace Allan, Ariana Tata, and Onslow College players Ella Taylor, Emma Brown Photo: RNZ / Laura DooneyContinue Reading

Find out what Chinese dishes to try in China (customer favorites): sweet and sour pork, kung pao chicken, fried noodles… See expert intros with pictures. With a long history, unique features, numerous styles and exquisite cooking, Chinese cuisine is one important constituent part of Chinese culture. Chinese traditional dishes are famous forContinue Reading

China’s cooking styles and dietary preferences can be divided into many geographical areas, and each area has a distinct style of cooking. Features of Chinese Regional Cuisines China’s regional cuisines (very) generally taste as follows: Northern China food — salty, simple, less vegetables with wheat as the staple food WesternContinue Reading

One of the classic dishes of the Han people (90% of Chinese), sweet and sour pork is included in Zhejiang cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, and Cantonese cuisine, of which the Shandong-cuisine style is the most popular. Chinese: 糖醋里脊 táng cù lǐjí /tung tsoo lee-jee/ Sweet and Sour Pork Nutrition TheContinue Reading

Students are trying to ensure their ball dresses meet the new guidelines at Kerikeri High School. Photo / Getty Images By: Natalie AkoorieNZ Herald reporter based in Hamiltonnatalie.akoorie@nzherald.co.nz@NatalieAkoorie A strict high school ball dress code has upset students who say they are worried about being turned away from the event ifContinue Reading